Balanced Teams


BALANCE: Teams will be balanced within an age division on the basis of the skill level of the players. Our objective is to make it possible for any team to win the first game of the season, assuming that all players are present for the game. After that, we expect that team success will vary during the season, depending on the individual development of specific players and the effectiveness of the coach.


CRITERIA: The most important information used in balancing is an estimate of the skill level of the players. We depend on coaches to accurately evaluate their players at the end of one season to help us in balancing teams in the next season.


RETENTION OF PLAYERS: In general the coach’s child is the only player who will be automatically placed on that coach’s team from one season to the next. If other players happen to have the same coach in two successive seasons, it will have resulted from the random process of balancing teams within a geographic distribution.


PLAYERS WHO SIGN UP LATE: Teams are formed after arena registration. For those teams which do not have a full roster, late players may be picked to fill out the roster. These players will be assigned to teams from a waiting list and from late registration in the order in which they ask to register, while maintaining team balance. In other words, late players will not be automatically assigned to teams in the order they register if that assignment would upset team balance.

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