AYSO Organization and Policies
These are the policies of AYSO in Flagstaff.  By registering your child, you certify that you have read these policies, agree to follow them, and acknowledge that AYSO runs by player and parent participation.
  • What is AYSO
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Philosophies
  • Registration
    • Player Ages
    • Team Formation
    • Refunds
    • Your Coach
    • Switching Teams
    • Scholarships
  • Soccer Camps
  • Soccer Practice
  • Soccer Uniform and Other Equipment
  • Safety and Health
  • Soccer Accident Insurance
  • Games
    • Game Schedules
    • Participation
    • Water Breaks and Substitutions
    • Conduct of Participants
    • Suspended Games
    • Grand Canyon and Williams
    • Short-Sided Games
    • Soccer Nets, Corner Flags
    • Referees
  • Team Sponsorship
  • Calendar
  • Picture Day
  • Select Teams/Tournaments
  • Soccer Board
  • Volunteer Appreciation

What is AYSO:  AYSO is a soccer program for children for ages 4 through 18. The coaches, referees, and board members are volunteers, mostly parents, who ensure that the players have a positive and beneficial soccer experience.

It is important that parents contribute to running the soccer program. Your children need your participation. If you want to help, call the soccer number at 773-1222 or email AYSO@flagsoccer.org. AYSO has a good training program, so you don’t have to worry if you haven’t played soccer yourself.

In AYSO, anyone who wants to play is allowed to register. Emphasis is placed on good sportsmanship and positive coaching. We all try to win, but in AYSO fair play and fun are more important than winning. We encourage development of skills, for the better the game is played, the more fun it is. We balance teams every season with the goal that in the first game of the season either team should be able to win. After that, team success results from the quality of coaching, individual player development, and who is not on vacation. Every player participating in practice and coming to the game on time is guaranteed to play at least half the game.

Vision:  To provide world class youth soccer programs that enrich children’s lives.

Mission:  To develop and deliver quality youth soccer programs which promote a fun, family, environment based on our philosophies of Open Registration, Balanced Teams, Everyone Plays, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship, and Player Development.

Philosophies:  AYSO has six philosophies that has been the foundation of the organization since it beginning:  Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship, and Player Development.

Registration:  There are approximately 120 teams playing soccer in AYSO in the summer. We use on-line registration and registration in person. For details and to register, click here.

All registered and rostered players must participate in at least 1/2 of the scheduled practices to be eligible to play in the games.  Any player not showing to practices my be dropped and another player can be added in their place from the waitlist.

Refunds:  If a player has to withdraw or is dropped from the AYSO core summer program, a full refund may be obtained if the player withdraws or is dropped before any practices or games are attended.  If a player has received a uniform, a refund may be obtained only if the player’s uniform is returned in new condition (clean and re-usable).  If a player has attended any practices or games prior to June 30th, you may receive a refund of your registration fees minus the amount of $20.  Between July 1st and July 31st, you may receive a refund of your registration fees minus $50.  Beginning August 1st, no refunds will be issued.   To receive a refund, you must put your request in writing to AYSO, PO Box 307, Flagstaff, AZ 86002 or email to ayso@flagsoccer.org.

Refunds for Revolution travel team players will be determined by the team treasurer, regional treasurer and the AYSO Board.

Your Coach:  Every season teams are freshly drawn from the player pool, trying to balance skills and experience on all the teams. Once the coaches find out who their players are, they begin calling the players to let them know when practice is.

Balancing the teams depends on receiving accurate skill evaluations from parents and from coaches at the end of the previous season. A tremendous amount of time and effort is spent in forming and balancing teams. That’s why we are happy to make a full refund before teams are formed.

Switching Teams:  Players are assigned to teams to balance skill levels so that all teams start the season on an equal footing. Parents are encouraged to meet the other team members. If a parent requests that a child be switched, the child will be placed on the waiting list until another position is available which will maintain team balance.

Soccer Camps:  AYSO encourages players to attend a soccer camp, especially before our season starts. None of these soccer camps are run by Region 257. Kids have fun improving their soccer skills and get a jump on the soccer season with professional training.

A list of these and other soccer camps can be found on the web on our website.

Soccer Practice:  Practice times and fields for individual teams are chosen by each team coach based on field availability. Players may lose playing time in games for missing practice.

Maximum practice time per week

U6 – U8: 1 hour of practice per week
U10 – U19: 2 hours of practice per week

Safety and Health:  Our primary concern is the safety and health of our players. Shin guards must be worn by every player in every age division for practices and games!

Shoes may be cleated soccer shoes, gym shoes, or sneakers. Soccer shoes are recommended, as they give players better support and footing. Soccer shoes with molded cleats are preferred. Screw-in cleats (with the screw on the cleat) are acceptable. Screw-on cleats (with the screw on the sole of the shoe) are not acceptable. Toe cleats are also not allowed. Any other shoes with sharp or non-standard cleats, whether rubber or not, are prohibited. Unacceptable cleats pose a danger to players.

Players may not participate wearing jewelry, watches, or headbands and barrettes with hard objects attached, or with any type of cast or splint. Tape or bandaids over earrings is not acceptable. Medical ID tags may be worn but must be taped down. The referee always has the final say as to whether any piece of equipment or other paraphernalia is acceptable for play.

If a player is bleeding or has blood on the uniform, the player shall leave the field. The player may return to the game, at a legal substitution time, when the bleeding is stopped and the bloody uniform has been replaced.

Maintaining proper body fluids is also important; therefore, each player is responsible for bringing a proper supply of water to drink at every practice and game.

Team Formation:  The AYSO philosophy emphasizes balanced teams. Each year the players are assigned to completely new teams. The rosters are formed by a computer program distributed nationally and each team is balanced from the skill evaluations from the previous year’s coach or from the parents’ evaluations for new players.

Coaches may not add players to their own teams, but new players are added by the registrar so as to preserve the balance of teams. If a player plays a game on a team but is not on that team’s roster, that team forfeits the game regardless of the score. Furthermore, AYSO’s liability insurance, AYSO’s Accident Reimbursement Plan, and the Volunteer and Child Protection Acts are valid only when AYSO’s national rules are followed.

Soccer uniforms and other equipment:  The uniform, consisting of shirt, shorts and socks, is supplied by the local AYSO Region. The uniform will be worn as issued. The only addition to the uniform permitted is an approved sponsor patch.

The uniform remains the property of AYSO until the end of the playing season, and then becomes the property of the player.

All team balls supplied by AYSO are the property of ASYO Region 257 until the season has been completed. At the conclusion of the season, the game ball becomes the property of the team’s head coach.

Division Age Ball Size Game Time
U6 5 years 3 2/15 min halves
U8 6-7 years 3 2/20 min halves
U10 8-9 years 4 2/25 min halves
U12 10-11 years 4 2/30 min halves
U14 12-13 years 5 2/35 min halves
U16 14-15 years 5 2/40 min halves
U19 16-18 years 5 2/45 min halves

Travel and Tournament Teams:  There is an opportunity to put together a team to travel to tournaments. Coaches who are interested should call the soccer number or send email to AYSO@flagsoccer.org.

Scholarships:  A few scholarships are available. Call the soccer number at 773-1222 or email to AYSO@flagsoccer.org.

Soccer Accident Insurance:  The Soccer Accident Insurance (S.A.I.), underwritten by the AIG Companies of Insurance, pays medical costs up to $25,000 maximum per claim to an insured person for accidental bodily injuries incurred as a direct result of participation in a covered activity.

All AYSO registered players, coaches, referees, and volunteers are covered for accidental bodily injury while participating in the following activities:

Scheduled games, tournaments, team practice sessions or other sponsored activities, provided they are under the direct supervision of a team official.

Group travel directly to or from such games, tournaments, practice sessions or sponsored activities, provided that players are traveling as a team and the vehicle is operated by a licensed adult driver.

S.A.I. is a Full Excess policy, which means that you must submit your medical bills to any other applicable health care plan you have in force, prior to making a claim under this policy, and you must follow the other applicable health care plan’s rules for claim submission to be eligible under this policy. Each S.A.I. claim is subject to a $100 deductible.

To file an S.A.I. claim, contact AYSO’s regional Safety Director, Mike Buckley, at 774-6954 (H) or 522-0507 (W) for a claim form and other instructions. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CLAIMANT TO MAIL THE CLAIM FORM TO THE BOLLINGER FOWLER CO. WITHIN 90 DAYS OF THE DATE OF THE INJURY.

More information about the S.A.I. Policy is available at AYSO’s national web site.

Game Schedules:  Coaches receive the game schedules for their teams when the team rosters are distributed.  The schedules are also available at www.flagsoccer.org.

Participation:  All registered and rostered players must participate in at least 1/2 of the scheduled practices to be eligible to play in the games.  Any player not showing to practices may be dropped and another player can be added in their place from the wait list.  All registered players who arrive at the scheduled AYSO games on time must play at least 1/2 of the game. AYSO strongly encourages coaches to play the kids at least 3/4 of each game and let them try all positions on the field.

Water Breaks and Substitutions:  Approximately halfway through each half, when the ball is out of play, the referee calls for substitutions. Substitutions may also be made at halftime. Coaches may substitute as many players as they wish at the substitution times. In U16 and U19 games, free substitution is used for the team in possession of the ball at a throw-in or for either team at a goal kick or after a goal. An injured player may be substituted.

Conduct of Participants:  AYSO philosopy is predicated upon the idea that, first of all, soccer should be fun! We are certain that fun can only be had within a context of friendly and positive competition. As a result, we strongly emphasize the importance of proper conduct by everyone, including players, coaches, referees, parents, and spectators. In general, such conduct results from a positive attitude and positive behavior toward others. Here are some guidelines and suggestions for all of us.


  • Encourage clean competition and good sportsmanship.
  • Train and coach their teams to the best of their abilities Coaches have a responsibility to upgrade their coaching skills whenever possible by attending the free coaching clinics. Check the AYSO calendar for times and dates.
  • Always use positive coaching techniques; an enthusiastic word of encouragement and instruction is always better than negative criticism and recrimination.
  • Always serve as positive role models for the players on their teams. This includes refraining from making negative comments about referees or other teams.
  • Uphold the Rules and Regulations of AYSO.
  • If coaching the Home Team in the first game of the day, pick up nets, pads and corner flags and deliver them to the field. Pick-up time is between 7:00-7:30am on Saturdays, and 4:00-4:30pm on Wednesdays. The equipment should be returned by the home team playing the last game of the day on a given field. Equipment for all games, except those played at Foxglenn, should be picked up at and returned to the AYSO trailer in the Marshall School parking lot. A separate AYSO trailer will be in the Foxglenn parking lot for games played there.
  • Furnish one facilitator (Divisions U6 & U8) or one linesperson (Divisions U10-U19) from the parents of their teams. They will be trained by AYSO at no cost. Please refer to the AYSO calendar for training dates and times.


  • Cheer positively and encourage their daughters and son. Don’t ask it they won or lost. Ask if they had fun!!
  • Smile and laugh a lot!
  • Be ready to supply snacks for the game. We recommend the following: Prior to the game allow your children to consume as much water as in comfortable. Orange slices, juice, sports drinks, and lots of water make good halftime refreshments. Heavy fruits, candy, cookies, sodas, etc., should be saved for after-game treats.
  • Be ready and eager to help your child’s team by volunteering to be a facilitator, referee, or linesperson.
  • Help us keep our fields clean. For safety reasons, the City does not allow glass containers on the playing field or the sidelines.
  • Help us remind others that smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages are not allowed at games and practices!


  • The referee may caution (yellow card) a player or coach for unsportsmanlike conduct, and may eject (red card) a player or coach for more serious violations.
  • A player or coach who receives a red card will not be permitted to participate in the remainer of the current game and will be suspended for the following three games. He or she must also appear before a Disciplinary Review Board before any further AYSO participation is permitted. Depending upon the circumstances, the Board may choose to reduce the suspension by no more than two games.
  • Any player or coach who accumulates three cautions (yellow cards) during the season initially will be suspended for three games, and must appear before the Disciplinary Review Board. Depending upon the circumstances, the Review Board may choose to reduce the suspension by no more than two games. Once the suspension has been served the player or coach may participate in the next game. Reinstatement effectively removes one of the three accumulated cautions.
  • An incident report must be filed with the Board to register any formal complaints, problems, or specific incidents, such as the following:
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct by anyone.
    • A player who consistently misses practices or games.
    • A player who continually causes problems on a team.
    • A parent who consistently fails to pick up his or her son or daughter after practices or games.
    • A parent who consistently interferes with a coach at practices or games.
    • Any individual who has adopted the “Winning is Everything” attitude.
    • Any individual who insults, humiliates, or in any manner degrades another individual.
    • Any conflict among players, coaches, or parents.
  • Action will be taken only after the Board has received the official report. The Regional Commissioner may take independent action when the situation is extremely severe or the incident requires immediate attention. All Incident Reports will be handled on an individual basis.
  • An Incident Report must be received within five days of the occurrence, via US Mail only! The proper form must be used and can be photocopied from the form distributed to the coaches.

Suspended Games: Games are most often suspended due to inclement weather, primarily electrical storms that are deemed by the referee to constitute a danger to players and spectators. If the game cannot be restarted within 10 minutes, the referee will likely permanently suspend the game so that the remaining schedule of games on that day will not be disrupted.

A game becomes official once the second half has started, and will not be rescheduled even if play must be stopped before the end of the regular time period. If, due to inclement weather or unplayable field conditions, a game must be suspended by the referee before the second half has started, the game will be replayed from the beginning, at a later date. The referee will meet with the two coaches to discuss the procedures for rescheduling the game. Ordinarily, the Regional Chief Referee will be contacted in order to arrange for a referee and schedule a field. If at all possible, the game will be made up during the following week. If a game is suspended for any other reason other than weather or unplayable field conditions, the AYSO Board will decide the outcome.

Please show up at all games regardless of weather conditions in your local area. It may be absolutely clear at the playing field. Coaches will be notified by an official league representative if all games have been canceled due to widespread severe weather conditions.

In teams playing 11 people, a minimum of seven players per team must be on the field in order for a game to be declared official. For Divisions U14-U19, teams must play equal-sided. For all other divisions, a team may not play more than 1-up on a short-sided team. Ejected players do not reduce a team’s effective number of players. If either team does not have the minimum number of players, the game will be declared a forfeit, with the other team being awarded a 1 to 0 win. Teams may choose to play an unofficial “fun game” when a game has been forfeited due to an insufficient number of players.

Teams may participate only in games approved by the Regional Commissioner and/or the AYSO Special Games Committee. Select teams will be determined by decision of the Board when appropriate.

Grand Canyon and Williams: The communities of Grand Canyon and Williams are pleased to welcome Flagstaff AYSO’ers to their “necks of the woods” for some of this season’s games. All games will be played on school fields.

At the Grand Canyon, there is a covered picnic area near the fields. Travel time from Flagstaff is approximately 90 minutes. Park entrance fees have been waived for all AYSO players and their families. Simply identify yourselves as AYSO soccer players and show a kid in a uniform and you’re in free. We hope your schedule will allow you to spend some extra time and enjoy the National Park while you are there.

Short-Sided Games: The smallest players tend to bunch up around the ball and too many get in the way of others. The younger the kids, the fewer players are on the field. They have more fun and learn soccer better. As the players get older, there are more on the teams up to 11 on each side. AYSO has more information about such short-sided gamesfor the young players.

At the end of the season, each U6 player will receive an award from AYSO.

Soccer Nets, Corner Flags: On game days, someone (coach or other parent) from the home team picks up the nets, corner flags, and bulletin board from the trailer across from Marshall School and takes them to the field at least a half hour before the game. People from both teams set up the nets and corner flags. At the end of the games on each field, both teams take down the equipment and the home team returns the equipment to the trailer. If there is only one game on the field, then the home team takes the equipment to the field and the visiting team returns it to the trailer. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Referees:Referees help the players follow the rules. At the younger ages, the refs are as much teachers as refs. Some of the best role models are older players who ref the younger kids’ games.

Soccer never seems to have enough refs, so if you want to help out we’ll teach you the rules and train you to ref even if you haven’t played the game yourself. What’s more, you don’t get scheduled to ref when your own child is playing.

U6 and U8 games are conducted by trained game facilitators (refs with basic training). Each of the U6 and U8 teams is responsible for securing a volunteer for this role; training will be conducted by AYSO (see the Soccer Calendar for times and dates of training).

Team Sponsorship: You may sponsor a team for $125. The money is used to purchase first-aid kits, balls, coach and referee equipment for the entire soccer program, but the players on the team (e.g., the team of your son or daughter), if you wish, can each wear a customized sponsor patch. Furthermore, the sponsorship is tax deductible.

Picture Day: If a team chooses, it can have a soccer picture taken. Each player pays the photographer $5 at the time the picture is taken and will receive the team picture and one individual picture in a holder. When the pictures are finished 2-3 weeks after being taken, a parent from the team will pick up all the pictures for the team from Four Seasons Color in the Kachina Square. The pictures will be taken at Thorpe Multipurpose Field July 12 from 8 AM – 4 PM and July 19 from 8 AM – Noon. Pictures are taken on a first come, first served basis with players in uniform.

Select Teams/Tournaments: There is an opportunity to put together a team to travel to tournaments. The best time to play tournaments is between the end of AYSO soccer season and when it begins to snow in Flagstaff, although other times are possible. The Northern Arizona Champions Cup is held in the Verde Valley in November and December. The AYSO National Games will be in Hawaii in 2002. Coaches who are interested should call the soccer number (928-773-1222) or send email to AYSO@flagsoccer.org.

Soccer Board: The Soccer Board is a group of parents and other volunteers who make the decisions about your AYSO program. It usually meets Wednesdays at 7 PM at Jotini’s at Continental Country Club on the following dates: Apr 16 (at 2242 E Skyline Dr, Flagstaff), May 21, Jun 18, Jul 16, Aug 20, Sep 17, Oct 15. Any member of AYSO (players, coaches, referees, and volunteers registered with AYSO), as well as parents/guardians of registered players, are welcome to attend board meetings. If you would like to participate on the Board, please call the soccer number (928-773-1222) or send email to AYSO@flagsoccer.org.

Volunteer Appreciation: AYSO is a volunteer organization. The registration fee pays the expenses. No member receives any money for helping make AYSO work. Coaches, referees, board members, team parents, linesmen, etc., volunteer their time to make this program run. Give yourselves a pat on the back for helping the children, as well as the adults, of our community have a good soccer experience each year.

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