ACTIVE PARTICIPANT: You can help promote children’s growth and positive development as an active participant in AYSO by coaching, refereeing, or working on the board. We have a good program which is child oriented. We are happy to train you. Contact us.

CHILDREN ON THE SAME TEAM: We will put brothers on the same team if they are in the same age group, and we will do the same for sisters. The only way that other children may end up on the same team is by chance during team balancing.

CONTACTING AYSO: There are three ways to contact the AYSO board: 1) Call 773-1222 and leave a message with a clear phone number. Your call will be returned. 2) Send an e-mail message to AYSO@flagsoccer.org. 3) Write to AYSO, PO Box 307, Flagstaff, AZ 86002.

GAMES: Most games are on Saturday, starting at 8 AM until they are finished. There are 9 games for 8 Saturdays, so one (or maybe two) will be on a Wednesday afternoon. The schedule is on the web when available.

PLAYER EVALUATIONS: Coaches are asked to confidentially rate their players so that this information can be used in the following season to balance teams by players’ skills.

RAIN & LIGHTNING: The weather around the San Francisco Peaks during the monsoon season is highly variable. On the day it rained hard at Bellemont at 2 pm, there was only a brief drizzle in West Flagstaff a half hour later, and it rained hard for 10 minutes about 3:30 pm at Foxglen and then cleared up for the rest of the day.

It’s possible to stand on the soccer field at Killip School and watch the storms moving from west of the Peaks north of Mt Elden through the wind channel toward Doney Park, or from west Flagstaff southeast to Mormon Mountain, neither of which rains on the Killip Field.

First, it is not reliable to use conditions at one location to predict what is occurring at the same time elsewhere or what will occur anywhere an hour or two later. Second, at one location you need to make your judgment based on several factors, including the direction of the clouds, whether it is raining at that moment where you are, and the proximity of the lightning.

A rule of thumb that has worked well in the past is when the time between the flash and the thunder is 5 seconds, get off the field and find shelter in a car (best choice since the metal around you will shield you and conduct the electricity to ground) or in a protected area of a building. Wait at least 10 minutes and return to the field if conditions permit. If they don’t, reschedule the game.

There is no hard and fast rule around the San Francisco Peaks. You need to use common sense, analysis of conditions you are observing, and your own experience to make a wise judgment.

REFUNDS: If a player has to withdraw from the AYSO program, a full refund may be obtained if the player withdraws before May 1. Starting May 1, the following schedule applies. If a player has received a uniform, a refund may be obtained only if the player’s uniform is returned. 1) If a U16-U19 player withdraws prior to May 17 (beginning of practice), $30 will be refunded. Through June 3, the refund will be $20. No refund will be given after June 3 (before the first game). 2) If a U6-U14 player withdraws prior to June 16, $30 will be refunded. Through June 30, the refund will be $20. No refund will be given after June 30. To get a refund, you must put your request in writing to AYSO, PO Box 307, Flagstaff, AZ 86002.

SOCCER PRACTICE: Each coach, usually a volunteer parent, will pick a place and time for practice and let you know. It will probably be in the afternoon after s/he gets off work. Younger than 8-years-old practice once a week for an hour, others twice a week.

SWITCHING TEAMS: Players are assigned to teams to balance skill levels so that all teams start the season on an equal footing. Parents are encouraged to meet the other team members. If a parent requests that a child be switched, the child will be placed on the waiting list until another position is available which will maintain team balance.

TRAVEL: Our region includes Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, and Williams. Since there are many more teams in Flagstaff, it is possible that your player may not travel. Teams from Williams and the Grand Canyon each travel several times a season.

WHICH TEAM IS MY CHILD ON: After coaches receive their rosters (in early June), they will begin calling their players. You can see what team your child is on by viewing the rosters yourself.

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