AYSO provides excellent training for referees, including a knowledge of the rules and on-field practice.

U5-U8 Official Training:

U8 Officials are used in place of referees at the U5-U8 ages.  These are individuals that can teach basic rules of the game and instruct the players during the game.  The coaches should not be U8 Officials for their own teams.  U8 Officials can be any volunteer age 10 or older and must sign up as a youth volunteer (ages 12-17) or an adult volunteer (ages 18 and older) at

U-8 Official Course:

June 6th 2017   5 PM – 7:15 PM  meet at Knoles Elementary School Gym

U8 to Basic Referee Completion Course:  You must already be a U8 certified official to take this completion course.  This course will take your current U8 Official certification and advance you to a Basic Referee.

U8 to Basic Referee advancement course:

June 8th, 2017 – 5PM-8:45PM at Knoles Elementary School Gym

Basic Referee: The Basic referee course is a 7 1/2 course over two days.  The dates are June 6th, 2017 (Tuesday) from 5 PM-7:15 PM and June 8, 2017 (Thursday) from 5 PM – 8:45 PM at Knoles Elementary School Gym.  This course is required to be a basic referee in AYSO.  All materials will be provided.  Referees are volunteers who help make the game fun, fair, and safe for our children.

Scheduling Games: Referees may schedule their own games. Please make your choices no later than Monday at 5 PM in the week the game occurs, so that the referee scheduler is aware of your choices.

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